Strawberry Shortcake • Vanilla shortcake with vanilla bean buttercream and sliced fresh strawberries

Coconut • Coconut cake layered with coconut buttercream and sprinkled with toasted coconut

Orange Blossom Special • Vanilla cake with lemon curd and orange blossom buttercream

Pistachio Raspberry Rose • Pistachio cake with rosewater buttercream and fresh raspberries

Lavender • Lemon cake with layers of lavender buttercream and fresh raspberries

Lemon Poppy • Lemon poppy seed cake with lemon curd and  strawberry buttercream 

Lemon Raspberry •  Lemon zested cake with fresh berries and rich raspberry buttercream

Chocolate Raspberry • Rich chocolate cake filled with raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberries

Very Vanilla Classic vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream 




Red Velvet Moist red velvety cake filled with cream cheese frosting covered in vanilla buttercream

Peanut Butter  Banana cake frosted with creamy peanut butter and chocolate buttercream 

Carrot Cake • Spiced pecan carrot cake layered with cream cheese frosting covered in vanilla buttercream

Salted Caramel • Rich chocolate cake filled with salted caramel buttercream topped with chocolate ganache

Chocolate Mocha Latte • Dark chocolate cake with rich mocha buttercream

Mint Chocolate Chip • Chocolate cake with layers of mint buttercream and chocolate chips

Almond Mocha • Almond cake with chocolate mocha buttercream and chocolate ganache

Very Vanilla • Classic vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream




* We have a $1,000 cake minimum. Please contact us for pricing regarding your decorated, tiered, or sculpted cakes.